Saturday, March 1, 2008

weekend words

i read this on a photography blog this week and i thought it so perfectly described what i try to do (and rarely succeed) with my photography. seems i like things posed and perfect a bit too much. and in the end, those posed and perfect photos won't be the ones that really speak to me of what my life was really like...

"We mark the "important" things on our calendars, like birthdays and weddings. But when I think about my wedding, I don't remember what I ate, or how my flowers looked. I think of the way my sister cried; and how it made me feel like I meant the world to her. Photography is like life in the way we try to arrange things. We pose our lives and photographs to look a certain way. But it's the in-betweens that stay with us. It's the way your friend looked at you because she knew what you were thinking. Or how your dad's eyes smiled in that relaxed way you'd never seen before. It's not to minimize the significance of monumental events; or even to say there's anything wrong with "posing" your life. We need to live with vision and intention. But I bet when we look back, we'll see that our lives were never marked by milestones. But instead by "little" minutes and seconds that moved us. "

posted on wednesday, january 30, 2008 by maile wilson 

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