Friday, March 21, 2008

special points today! (read the bottom of the post before guessing)!

jordan has a small american idol obsession that caused her to forget to send me yesterday's 14or40 photo.... so today will be a special point value day to make up for that. here are the rules for today only...

there are 5 photos today...

2 by jordan
2 by lea
and 1 by NEITHER of us.

if you guess ALL 5 correctly, you will get 15 additional points added to your total. 

if you get less than 5, as long as you get the NEITHER of us photo as NEITHER of us, then you get double your correct guess (one right= 2 points). 

if you miss the NEITHER of us photo, and get any other ones right, then you only get one point for each one photo you guess correctly.

got it? good, because i might not....


Lynnell said...

Oh no, extra points = extra losing! Haha. Here goes:

sand power - Jordan
lime trees - Lea
flower - neither

Shannon said...

Wow. I can't do math, and I'm terrible at guessing this, so this one is really a challenge.

Sand - Jordan
Tree - Lea
Power lines - Lea
Limes - Jordan
Flower - Neither

SouthAsiaRocks said...

Sand - Jordan
Tree - Jordan
Power Lines - Lea
Flower - Neither
Limes - Lea

Looks like I came back into town just in time :)

Robyn J said...

sand and power lines, jordan...flower and tree, lea...limes, neither

Jo Jo said...

ground - Lea
tree - Jordan
power lines - Jordan
flower - neither
lime - Lea

dina said...

I have no idea, so I get to guess today.

Sandy, can't you see... Jordan
a Tree grows in Brooklyn... Jordan
Powers that be... Lea
here comes the Sun(flower)...neither
walk the Lime... Lea


Sayward said...

Well, well, well...I am very clueless as to who done it...

don't build your house on a sandy land-lea
knot a tree-jordan
I've got the power-jordan
put the lime in the coconut-lea
flower-none of ya!