Wednesday, March 19, 2008

the pollen covers everything: jordan, green clover, green clover, st. pattty's is over: lea


Robyn J said...

bottle, lea...clover, jordan

Sayward said...

one if by night-lea
st.patty's memories-jordan

Anonymous said...

Bottle: lea
clover: jordan

miss vicki

Lynnell said...

Oh man, it's that majority vote thing again! Oh well.

worn and old - Jordan
lucky as gold - Lea

Jo Jo said...

bottle - Lea
clover - Jordan (I seriously thought there was dog poop at first glance, and then I realized it's just because I'm used to looking at my own yard)

Shannon said...

Clover - Lea
Bottle - Jordan

Lynnell said...

no new pictures for Thursday?