Wednesday, March 5, 2008

foot of a cowboy: jordan, great grate: lea


laura said...

boot scoot boogie-jordan
hours of "grate" entertainment for little boys-lea

SouthAsiaRocks said...

grassy boot - jordan
grate - lea :)

Shannon said...

boots made for walkin' -- Jordan

Lea is grate.

Sayward said...

following in momma's footsteps-jordan
they're coming to get you-lea

OK. yesterday's was really tough. I'm beginning a rapid downslope in my theories. Let's send Jordan back to the church for more photos. :)

Robyn J said...

boot, lea...grate, jordan

Jo Jo said...

boot - Lea
grate - Jordan

Lynnell said...

stay off the grass - Lea
grate and vine - Jordan

Karen said...

Boots are Jordan
Grate is Lea
Am I right? Am I right???