Friday, May 30, 2008

day-lilicious (on top): lea, summer is near (on bottom): jordan

summer is almost here and you can tell from jordan's and my matching shots this week of daylillies... hmmmm, which one is from florida and which one is from south carolina? it is up to you to figure this out...

Thursday, May 29, 2008

wood and grass: lea, so far up: jordan

i promise that we are not planning these photos! i had took my photos over the weekend and selected 5 for the week and jordan sent me hers and when i paired them up, several pairs were SO perfect together... just wait until tomorrow...

Monday, May 26, 2008


jo jo says that she can keep score on a spreadsheet, so we have us a NEW contest... 

let's do a memorial day to labor day SUMMER SENSATIONAL contest and the winner with the MOST correct guesses will win a lovely NOTE CARD set with their favorite photos from the summer months and a quote (of my choosing). 

if you won the last contest, let me know the photo pairing that your heart desires. i haven't heard from "south asia rocks" or "jojo"!

contest starts tomorrow so gear up to guess for our 14or40 SUMMER SENSATIONAL contest!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

win one for me: lea, yellow and red: jordan

whoo hoo!we have a WINNER! actually some WINNERS!

after 100 posts sayward has the most guesses 90 and 53 correct answers...

lynnell has 87 guesses and tied with 53 correct answers

and since i am a generous girl..

shannon, jojo, robyn j. south asia rocks, AND cheaper by the baker's dozen will all win a treat too for their faithfulness and guessing skills!

so winners...some time in the next week, comment and tell me your FAVORITE photos (one from the 14 year old, and one from the 40 year old). tell me the title of the photos and the dates that they appeared and changed your life on 14or40 and then i will make you a special 14or40 print artpiece for your home! 

keep up the good guesses (though the last two days have not been kind to you all) and thanks for playing....

Saturday, May 17, 2008

98 down, 2 to GO!

whew, you are all really pulling out all the good guesses here at the end. the next two days will be critical for some people...

name: # guesses,  # correct

sayward: 88, 53

lynnell: 85, 53 (there is quite a little battle going on with these top two contenders...)

shannon: 71, 42 (you are on a real roll here girl!)

jo jo: 62: 37 (these last ten days helped your score!)

robyn j: 59, 38

south asia rocks: 56, 36

cheaper by the baker's dozen: 35, 17

craftypigs: 19, 13

laura: 11,8

emily r: 9, 5

emma: 3,2

vicki: 3, 2

karen: 3, 2

tracy: 1, 1

alex 1, 0

Sunday, May 4, 2008

recap of scores... 12 posts to go until 100!

FEEL FREE to check my math on these. i use a really complicated system of checks and tally marks and it is uber scientific...

but here is what i have so far (and we are getting awfully close to the 100th photo post. i just counted and we have done 88 photo posts, so 12 more to go). i should have recapped before because it took me over an hour to tally these and gave me a HUGE headache counting all those little tally marks! but here are the results... drum roll please...

first # is # of guesses, second # is # correct, remember the winner of # of guesses AND the winner of # correct wins a set of 14or40 photos of their choosing...

sayward: 82, 48 

lynnell: 75, 45 

shannon: 62:34

south asia rocks: 55, 36

robyn j.: 54, 35

jo jo: 53, 30 (that honeymoon really took time away from your REAL goal of winning some sweet photos for your new home)

cheaper by the baker's dozen: 35, 17 (you never should have moved to that wonderful house closer to me, it killed your score and made it so i can drop by anytime...) 

craftypigs: 19, 13

laura: 11, 8

emily: 8, 5

emma: 3, 2

vicki: 3, 2

karen: 3, 2 

alex: 1, 0