Sunday, May 4, 2008

recap of scores... 12 posts to go until 100!

FEEL FREE to check my math on these. i use a really complicated system of checks and tally marks and it is uber scientific...

but here is what i have so far (and we are getting awfully close to the 100th photo post. i just counted and we have done 88 photo posts, so 12 more to go). i should have recapped before because it took me over an hour to tally these and gave me a HUGE headache counting all those little tally marks! but here are the results... drum roll please...

first # is # of guesses, second # is # correct, remember the winner of # of guesses AND the winner of # correct wins a set of 14or40 photos of their choosing...

sayward: 82, 48 

lynnell: 75, 45 

shannon: 62:34

south asia rocks: 55, 36

robyn j.: 54, 35

jo jo: 53, 30 (that honeymoon really took time away from your REAL goal of winning some sweet photos for your new home)

cheaper by the baker's dozen: 35, 17 (you never should have moved to that wonderful house closer to me, it killed your score and made it so i can drop by anytime...) 

craftypigs: 19, 13

laura: 11, 8

emily: 8, 5

emma: 3, 2

vicki: 3, 2

karen: 3, 2 

alex: 1, 0


SouthAsiaRocks said...

man! i've gotten behind! :)

Shannon said...

Flower - Lea
Marble - Jordan