Wednesday, May 21, 2008

win one for me: lea, yellow and red: jordan

whoo hoo!we have a WINNER! actually some WINNERS!

after 100 posts sayward has the most guesses 90 and 53 correct answers...

lynnell has 87 guesses and tied with 53 correct answers

and since i am a generous girl..

shannon, jojo, robyn j. south asia rocks, AND cheaper by the baker's dozen will all win a treat too for their faithfulness and guessing skills!

so winners...some time in the next week, comment and tell me your FAVORITE photos (one from the 14 year old, and one from the 40 year old). tell me the title of the photos and the dates that they appeared and changed your life on 14or40 and then i will make you a special 14or40 print artpiece for your home! 

keep up the good guesses (though the last two days have not been kind to you all) and thanks for playing....


Shannon said...

You are SO generous!

Toys - Lea
Peppers - Jordan

Robyn J said...

turtles, lea...peppers, jordan

Robyn J said...

I'm so excited!! These are my faves...March 31st's "So Many Words" by Jordan and January 9th's "All Toggled" by Lea. This is really kind of you.

SouthAsiaRocks said...

toys - Jordan
Peppers - Lea :)

Jo Jo said...

toys - Jordan
peppers - Lea

Ok, I need to go hunting in the archives!

Lynnell said...

Wow, congrats Sayward! That's impressive, only missed 10 days.

Okay, the past two days haven't been kind, but I'm having trouble w/today too.

fun at the fair - Lea
peter piper - Jordan

Sayward said...

which one should i choose-lea
makin' fajitas-jordan