Thursday, May 22, 2008

GO GO GO!: jordan, ground shot:lea


Shannon said...

Lights - Jordan
Fence - Lea

Robyn J said...

lights, jordan...fence, lea

Sayward said...

OK. I'm confused. Are we on a new competition now for another 100 photos?

...because I'm TOTALLY in! Yeah!!!

First, my choices for my prints:
Lea's Print: April 23-Two Pews
Jordan's Print: Feb 12-Sunlight Reflection
(I'm so excited!! They are going to hang right here in my office!)

Next, my new guesses:
red light, green light: Jordan
could I slide under?:Lea

Jo Jo said...

Lights - Jordan
Fence - Lea

Lynnell said...

looking up - Jordan
looking down - Lea

Lynnell said...

I found choosing a print of each artist even harder than guessing. After an hour of debating, I still haven't been able to narrow it down. For photo pairings that would hang well beside each other, I find each artist would go well w/herself, but not necessarily the other, i.e. Jordan has a food fetish, Lea loves nature outdoors, etc. So, for two totally different photos, I'd like to have:

Jordan - Pass the pears - 2/29 (I was tempted by the cinnamon rolls, but figured seeing those every day in my kitchen would just erode what little will power I have)
Lea - you're going to have to surprise me. I literally cannot chose between:
Peaceful place - 4/1
Spring fling - 3/15
Thistle be a pretty picture - 4/4

Thank you so much for doing this. It's been a blast.