Friday, April 4, 2008

yellow: flickr flower, thistle be a nice picture (purple flower): lea, pretty in pink: jordan

ok, since i was totally lax yesterday, a bonus point round for friday....

three photos today, one by jordan, one by lea, one stolen/borrowed from flickr- ALL flowers!

1 point for one correct answer.

5 points for all three correct answers (see cheaper by the baker's dozen, i am just trying to help a recently moved gal out).

and i am thinking that you couldn't possibly get only 2 correct (right?).

happy flowery friday...


SouthAsiaRocks said...

Jordan :)

Lynnell said...

yellow - flickr
purple - Jordan
peach - Lea

Sayward said...

freebeeeee from flickrrrrr
purple is the new pink-jordan
capturing all the beauty-lea

Robyn J said...

1, flicker...2, lea...3, jordan