Monday, April 28, 2008

a different kind of water: jordan (but lea is a HUGE fan of that water too), shoe pile: lea


Lynnell said...

wow, this one is hard! I know Lea loves mint, but a family of shoes seems appropriate for the Marshall's too... blast it all!

mintwater - Jordan
shoe family - Lea

Shannon said...

Top thing - Jordan

Shoes - Jordan

Shannon said...

Wait -- I can't think or type this morning. Let me try again.

Top thing - Jordan

Shoes - Lea

On the other hand, maybe I should start guessing one name for both. I think I would get more correct that way!!!

Jo Jo said...

Mint Water - Lea

Shoes - Jordan

I only hesitate because I feel like this could be a trick to throw us off!

Sayward said...

trying out new products-jordan
organizing the shoes-lea

Robyn J said...

water,, lea