Monday, April 7, 2008

mother's computer: jordan, what time is it?: lea


Shannon said...

Keyboard - Jordan
Sundial -Lea

Robyn J said...

computer, jordan...sundial, lea

Sayward said...

keepin' up w/ my homies-jordan
what time is it? party time!-lea

Lynnell said...

ctrl-alt-del - Jordan
actually times or zodiac signs? - Lea

Cheaper by the Baker's Dozen said...

AArrghh, I can't believe I missed the bonus round! This game is not for distracted Moms of Many who just Moved. But I'm so NOT a quitter (although I am quite the copy-cat). So, I'll go with the crowd and say-
computer that doesn't look like a Mac- Jordan
Sundial that I think I've seen in tallahassee somewhere - Lea

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