Friday, February 22, 2008

mossy magic: lea, the beautiful green: jordan


Cheaper by the Baker's Dozen said...

I'm obviously horrible at this game, but the competitor in me can't give up. It's a curse, really.
And today I wake up to find the pictures are so similar that I might as well cast lots to find the answer. And I'll still probably lose. Do I sound like Eeyore?

moss- Lea
other nature pic- Jordan

laura said...

i stink at this too. i was doing well when i had only guessed once- 100%. i'm crashing and burning- missing 2 days in a row. i actually got it right yesterday and THEN changed it based on the knowledge that Jordan's mom hates lemons with her drinks and can't even stand to have had a lemon touch the rim of her glass. i was thinking i had inside knowledge- like mother, like daughter. apparently i was thinking too much! so here it goes with no thoughts_
glistening moss - lea
tree- jordan

SouthAsiaRocks said...

Spanish Moss - Lea
Other tree plant - Jordan :)

OK, so since I've never met Jordan, I think I need to see a pic of her on the blog... You guys should both have to post self portraits or something (I bet I can guess who too which pic then - haha!)

Lynnell said...

It seems like we're all in this together... guessing wrong almost every time.

hanging moss - Jordan
tree plant - Lea

The Craftypigs said...

These two are such a beautiful combination. Lovely together. First pic - Lea, second pic - Jordan

Sayward said...

well, i really can't feel much of your pain...since i'm so good and all. :)) JUST KIDDING! i'm way too competitive and i almost don't want to vote today b/c this one is a TOUGH one!

almost like ice-jordan
wilson's missing hair-lea

Shannon said...

Top one -- Lea

Moss - Jordan