Thursday, January 10, 2008

brush up: lea, dancing waters: jordan


Cheaper by the Baker's Dozen said...

well, unlike southasiarocks, I do NOT think it's fun to be wrong everytime (even with the no-prize aspect....) - but this time I just might have an edge on this gig cause I'm pretty sure I've seen one of those pics in Lea's house.
And since she doesnt currently have any frozen plants in her house, I'm going with:
Toothbrushes in the $1 tin from Target- Lea
Frozen plant -Jordan


Jo Jo said...

Lea totally took the toothbrush pic. Two grown-up brushes and three child brushes? Stars on the holder? Come on, Lea, give us a challenge.

I'm also going with Jordan having taken the picture of the ice, because theres waaaaay more of a chance of her seeing ice at her home than in Tallahassee.

Jo Jo said...

PS - I'm even pretty sure I knew exactly where that picture was taken - in the newly rennovated, formerly "scary" bathroom. I should get extra credit for that!

SouthAsiaRocks said...

Well, I actually got the last one right! haha!
OK, so this one - the bucket has to be Lea's :) It just looks like a Lea thing :)
And Jordan did the water that's "frozen" in time :) Cool pics :)

Anonymous said...

Lea: toothbrushes

Jordan: shrub

Vicki B.

Lynnell said...

Well, unless they're trying hard to trick us, Lea Marshall obviously took the picture of the toothbrushes. We all know Lea LOVES stars! :o)

Robyn J said...

I've read all of the comments, so I'm assuming Lea took the toothbrush pic. However, I was going to say she took the water photo. Humph.